Qianhai Data Center by Mecanoo

Location: Shenzhen, China
The tower is an office building with support spaces. The fascination with the design is the facade which shows images of clouds by day and by night it becomes a digital screen.

Sinosteel International Plaza by MAD Architects

Client: SINOSTEEL International Plaza (Tianjin) Ltd
Status: under construction. To be completed 2012.
Programme: Office, Hotel, Service Apartment
Site Area: 26,666 sqm
Building Area: 350,000 sqm
Building Height: 358m
Director in Charge: Ma Yansong, Qun Dang
Design Team: Eric Spencer, Liu Xiaopu, Tony Yam, So Sugita, Zhao Wei, Wang Xingfang, Li Jieran, Lu Lu
Associate Architects/Engineers: Jiang Architects & Engineers

FORM: The building looks like a honeycomb.
MATERIAL: The façade has five different sizes of hexagonal windows to form the hollow part and the remaining parts will be cladded in white giving it a lightweight just like a honeycomb.

CONSTRUCTION: The façade is constructed from five different sizes of hexagonal windows to form the hollow part
PROCESS: The windows flow across the building in an irregular, naturally occurring pattern: like cells multiplying. This pattern gives life to the building, changing the way it looks from different perspectives.
FUNCTION: The building is an hotel which function as a shelter which the honeycomb is used for as well.